JVK Rodent Rack

The JVK Rodent Rack will save you time, money and space. Suitable for small to professional rodent breeders. 


The JVK tubs give you the maximum space to breed (grow on rats, multis, mice) it is a state-of-art rodent rack. We pride our selves in giving our customers racks that are the best in the world!! They are built to last! Giving you great value for money!

Each rack will come apart level by level and with our non drip connections they are very economical. We only use the best connections and valves money can buy JVK makes rodent & reptile rack the right way!  Welded frames, bespoke JVK tubs Never to be discontinued like other racking companies.  Bespoke systems (you ask and we will make)

We will also be making rodent rack multi breeder racks in our medium tubs (21.5inch long x 16inch wide x 5.5inch tall tubs) as well as side on racks. Please contact us for more information.

Payment plans are available.

(X7 JVK70 Rodent rack in picture)

  • X7 JVK white tubs
  • hoppers
  • gravity water system
  • JVK Powder-coat
  • Lockable casters
  • Single stack (available Twin tub, triple, custom four tubs wide)
  • Can add levels
  • Can add extra nipples
  • 1855mm high with water tank
  • 1645mm top lip of highest rodent tub
  • order more than one rack automatic discount!
  • 33litre tank tub clear or solid back included with stop valve
  • (single stack dimensions) 495mm wide x 880mm deep x 1855mm high

JVK Rodent Racks are available for sale in the UK, EU and the world.

Estimated shipping cost next day to your door £100 only in the UK main Land.

For pricing information please visit our pricing page. For more information please contact us.

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