JVK Innovative Incubator

This incubator is a new, one of a kind UK made reptile incubator.


We have been wanting to make a new incubator for some time now, there are other incubators in the market but nothing like this in the UK with our innovative fuse wall heater/fan system surrounded in steel and aluminum, lined and insulated in high quality plastic.

The incubator will hold x14 9liter RUBs but and also be customized for different tubs of your choice. (Custom size available please ask) The removable shelving is made from aluminum and stainless steel; the whole incubator is line with a flexible, clean plastic that has a high tolerance to heat.  This plastic is perfect for the humid/dry conditions of an incubator.

The whole of the incubator is insulated with a thick lining of insulation. The plastic has been sealed with a very strong clear animal safe, anti mold silicone. This was used throughout the whole build. The fuse wall insulates the tubs from the reptile heater this heater is spaced from the fuse wall, this allows airflow to pass over the heater (gather heat) and then get sucked in by the lower fan to then be reintroduced to the tubs.

This will a sure the breeder that hot spots will be distinguished and allow a steady stream of air flow to rise through the tubs. The air will then be sucked back into the top fan.  Once the top fan pulls in the warm air, it will then passes through the fuse wall to hit an aluminum bend; this bend propels the air back over the heater to repeat the proses. 

This is where the clean tidy look and affective of the JVK Innovative incubator is made, No lining heat strips down the sides of your fridge walls.  This is our way of building an incubator made for the purpose for incubating eggs. The fans and all electrics are reptile products build for the job. We use all Habitat reptile radiators’, fans and digital reptile thermostats in our incubator.

The reptile fans are linked to the main power point not at the thermostat this will allow a constant air flow over the tubs in case of failure to the heater from the thermostat.  We are looking into a JVK digital alarm as well as the thermostats already built in alarm.

For pricing information please visit our pricing page. For more information please contact us.