JVK-70ST Twin Rack

This rack has a solid, steel vented lid. It can be supplied with or without window tubs.


The JVK ST Rack is a perfect rack for breeding and keeping reptiles. Our tested vented lid makes perfect humidity for the animal inside the JVK tub. We use a series of holes specifically placed to give air flow into the JVK tub.

The size of the holes have been tested so we can use the smallest hole giving use as much humidity as possible with out keeping stagnant air in the tub. The reason airflow is needed in the tub is because when the reptile deficates in the tub you need to keep a constant air flow to replace the dirty air. Saying that if there is to much air flow you lose humidity and as we all know humidity is very important for reptiles.

The JVK Tubs are made from a very versitile plastic, this plastic is extremely flexible and has a very high temp warping tolerance. The heat from our heat panels transfers perfectly in to our JVK tubs. The tub rounded corners keep cleaning to an ease.  

Our JVK heat panels Are heat strips encased in aluminum folded panels they are lined in thermorap insulation with flexible magnets on each end. the aluminum panels protect the heat strip from getting damaged or wet they also look good and are very light. The magnets on each end of the heat panel allow you to move the heat panel up and down the frame making it very easy to reposition under the tub.

The magnets give us 0.5mm in tolerance for the heat panels to touch the tubs. they can also be taken away, once a magnet has been taken away it will give you a smoother feel for when you have heaver snakes in our tubs. 

The suspended heat panels also will flex when heaver snakes our in our tubs (you will never have a tub stick) the racks are on rubber lockable casters. The Racks are powder coated in our JVK metallic gun grey.

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