JVK-70 Single Stack

This is the JVK-70PL single stack rack, also in the ST steel lid design


This is the JVK Large rack it consists of ten levels one tub wide. The rack includes lockable casters, 10 JVK large white ABS tubs. The rack also comes with ten, 7inch heat panels and one pulse pro habitats.

The large racks also have 10 polycarbonate clear sliding lids for keeping the humidity in or giving more ventilation. There are 2 options. The standard form (natural) ventilation. This will be supplied due to giving more humidity. (Recommended for UK households) the 2nd option is the vented option this is ideal for heated reptile rooms.

Ventilation options will describe what ventilation lids best suit your house/reptile room requirements.

Each polycarbonate easy access lid is kept in place by a (L) bracket these (L) brackets are held in place by plastic push fit rivets they are easily removed and easily applied. This bracket stops the snakes from sliding the lid out of the rack rails.  
Each rack comes with two x6 socket black plastic power strips as standard. We can supply a black powder-coated, custom left hand power strips. We also include cable ties for the cables and magnet strips for the heat panels. The rack will be etched and powder-coated for a professional finish and to inhibit corrosion. Custom paint (chrome) please ask for major details.

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